Monday, August 7, 2017

Jardim Ipê Week 5

So this week was good. Nothing really exciting happened, but it was good. I had a division with Elder Barbosa after the district meeting on Tuesday which was good. I got the another letter from my Mom which was awesome as well because it had a letter from my little sister Anna in it which was cool. I got my hair cut during the division because one of the Elders in the house there cuts hair.

We had a good week, and we have been making progress with some investigators. I think that we will have a lot of baptisms in the next transfer, which is kind of sad for Elder Sousa.

I have learned a lot this week on how I can improve my teaching, and how I can help bring the spirit, and follow the spirit in contacts and during my study time. I am grateful for the example of the people, and missionaries here. I am learning so much in this area. I am excited for the last week of the transfer to continue working, and teaching better and better. I am very grateful for everything that I am learning here, as well as the opportunities that I have to go to church, and learn, and help people come unto Christ. 

I am feeling pretty good about português. I am not having a lot of problems with it. I am working more on other parts of the work right now, but I am still working on português.

Thank you all for the support, sorry for the short letter and remember that everything is possible with faith

-- Élder Pettingill

Pictures: There is one of my division with Elder Barbosa, and the other is coxinha with the recent converts Margarette and Julio. Coxinha is a thing that they make here. It is a type of batter that they make then they put cooked chicken in it and fry it. it is good. They can also put other things in it as well. 

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