Monday, July 31, 2017

Jardim Ipê Week 4

So this week was pretty good. We had a zone conference and that was really good. The trainings were really good by all the people, especially President, but that is because he is president. I really learned a lot there, and I have been trying to apply everything that I learned in my work. 

I got a package from my mom with pens, peanut butter, drink mixes, maple flavoring, some of my sweats, and some pictures. There was a drink mix flavored root beer that my companion, Elder Sousa, really didn´t like. It was pretty funny. I got the Zebra pens to, and I really like then. Thank you Elder Davis for the idea. 

I had a division this week with Elder Sodré. It was really good. We knocked 3 doors, and entered 2. One of them were ``elects`` as we missionaries say here. It was really good, and I learned a lot. I am really excited to continue working hard in my area. Divisions are really a blessing because you get to learn with a different person for one day, and you get to get excited for the rest of the week.

The rest of the week was normal, but yesterday we had a really good experience with finding new people to teach. We had a goal to find 10 new people to teach this week, and after Saturday we had only 5. It didn´t help that we were planning to do weekly planning on Sunday because of the division that we finished on Friday. Anyway we had about three hours to work, and we had appointments as well. All the appointments fell through, and so we went to a different house that we had contacted one time before, and we entered. We taught a good lesson and we got two ``novos.`` We tried to teach some other investigators that we have, but couldn´t get anything. So we were walking back to the house to plan for the week when I saw a woman cleaning her front yard. We knocked there and taught a good lesson, and we got 3 ``novos.`` The parents and one 9-year old, and with that I know that Heavenly Father helped us find those people that we wanted to find. I know that if we have faith Heavenly Father will help us act, and that he will help us achieve our righteous goals.

The only bad thing that happened this week was that I lost my other name tag. right now I am using one of Elder Salazar´s name tags with my name taped on. I know that everything happens for a reason, and hopefully someone will find that name tag and eventually be baptised. 

I love you all, and I am very thankful for your support

-- Élder Pettingill

So there are pics of us waiting for the bus at 6 in the morning to go to the temple. There is a pic of the temple and me with the temple. There is one of all of the missionaries in my house in front of the temple with scarfs on (all but the on on Elder Sousa are mine that I lent to them) There is a couple of the two times that we had Lauches (basically fast food) at a house of a member when we got money for lunch. It was really good. There are some of the pastels that we made in the house of a recent convert. Also of the cookies that we made it the house of a member (they are really similar to sugar cookies). There is the missionaries that Elder Salazar made (the bigger one - Based on Elder Herlin) and the one that Elder Sousa made (the smaller one - based on Elder Salazar) Also of the Pizza we had for my six month anniversary on the mission. My division with Elder Sodré. The second time that I made pancakes (only for me and Elder Sousa). And the last one is my name tag right now​

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