Monday, June 5, 2017

Ferraria Week 13

So this week was both really great, and a little discouraging, and encouraging.

So at the start of the week we had a zone conference. President is doing it so that there is only one zone at a time. It was really cool, and we learned about using the members, and encouraging them to help us in the work. I learned a lot, and I am excited to be a member, and help out the missionaries. Also I am very grateful for the letters, and the package from my mom! 

The next day we had a division where my companion went to the other area, and Elder Hammond, an american that has less time than me (see pic) came to our area. We went to Santa Angela, and had a very good day. I was able to teach, and understand what the people were saying, with a few more questions as well. I really felt the power of the gift of tongues on that transfer, because as we were walking back I recognized that I had been blessed so that I could say everything that I wanted to say, and to be able to understand everything almost perfectly. It was really a blessing in my life.

The rest of the week was a little disappointing, because almost all the other visits we had fell through. I was a little excited for Sunday, and I was really hoping that we would finally have a investigator there after many weeks of not having one there. I was also a little discouraged because on Saturday the visit with one of the families that we are visiting that is amazing fell through. I was looking forward to that visit ever since the division. We talked with them, and they said they weren´t sure if they would make it to church. So I was disappointed, and I just asked God that we could just have one investigator at church. I pleaded with him. The next day we got there and started waiting, but nobody was showing up. We waited about five minutes into church, and nobody showed up. In priesthood (because we have priesthood first in our ward) I was really feeling discouraged. I was really trying to stay happy, but it was hard. Then one person that I didn´t recognize came in and talked with the leader of the quorum. This ended up being William, an investigator now! A member invited him, his mother, and his wife to church, and they came! I know that God answers prayers, but they may not be in the way we want, or expect. I know that members are really important for missionary work. I know this with all my heart. 

Thank you all for your prayers, and your support

--Elder Pettingill 

P.S. I was reading in Romans this week and really recognizing the teachings there that are taught in the Book of Mormon, and that also strengthed my testimony, and I wondered why people don´t believe in it. 

Pictures: ​I have a lot of pics this week. Some of them are of Santa Angela, and I have some others of some flowers that I took pics of (we have a camera on our phone now so I can take pics of flowers.) Also there are some pics of us walking to the point last P-day. They are cool. Also there are pics of the mission office after the Zone conference, and the cook book I made with the recipes so far.
Also there is a pic from our window here as well.

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