Monday, June 12, 2017

Ferraria Week 14

So this week has been interesting. We did a lot of work, but didn´t get to meet a bunch with some of our investigators that are progressing. All our baptismal dates fell through because none of them went to church. I was really humbled this week. I think that is a curse/blessing I have is that I can see the reason for all the bad things that occur to me. It is good because I can continue, but it takes away any excuse I have to complain so that annoys me a little. :) Anyway this week I really felt my lack of knowledge in português with me stumbling over words, and me not knowing words that I want to use to explain something. I think the Lord has been hitting me because I haven´t been studying português that much this week.

I did have a bunch of good experiences where I was guided by the spirit this week. Just teaching lessons I really felt like I was teaching really well. Elder Armenta said I was on fire this week. I feel like because I wasn´t worrying as much this week, and following the Lord that happened. The easiest person to teach is the one that doesn´t know anything, so the Lord was showing me who really has the power this week, and that I really need to trust in him. 

We have been trying to teach, but at the same time need to really work on scheduling our activities, because we have gotten a lot where it is late 7-8, and we don´t have anything to do, and it is hard to find something to do that late because it is dark out, and if you knock doors people can´t see you face, so they don´t let you in, and it is harder to get a visit. We will work on that. 

It has been getting really cold this week, and because the water heaters heat up the water as it goes through it, and the water gets colder because it is cold outside, showers in the morning are hard. It doesn´t help that the beds are so warm. Basically it is hard to get up in the morning. We have been wearing a lot more cloths this week, and bringing a lot more cloths with us. This because it is still really sunny, and walking heats you up especially with a lot of hills. So it is a little normal in the afternoon, but gets pretty cold at night. 

Also this week we will try to use the members more in our work, so for all those nonfulltime missionaries read the story of Alma, and Amulek, and get to work. Also Thank you for all the work that you have already done to help the missionaries!

Anyway this week we found more less actives. We will be teaching them as well. We also are going to be trying to help some people become worthy to baptise a member in their family. One of the talks that I have talks about the importance of a Father performing ordenaces for his children, and I think this applies to members of the family as well, so if there is a less active man there, and someone is getting baptised, I am going to try to get that man worthy to baptise that person. 

I also really have been recognizing the blessings of studying now. Especially from modern prophets, and I would encourage everyone who reads this to study talks, and books from the prophets. I have been reading teachings of the presidents of the church Joseph Fielding Smith, and it has really helped me know where I want to go in my life, on the mission, and as a son of God. 

I am so grateful to have this opportunity here in Brazil! Thank you all for the support.
-- Elder Pettingill

So we had a division this week with the zone leaders, and they live in the same house as the assistants, so when I went there, that night they had a bunch of missionaries who had to come a day early for the district leader meeting, and so I got to see a bunch of missionaries, and we bought Pizza. Also there is a pic of Elder Armenta, and I when we didn´t bring umbrellas, and it started to rain. Basically we got soaked. Also there is a pic of Elder Armenta, and me wearing our BYUI shirts.

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