Thursday, June 1, 2017

Ferraria Week 12 (still)

Well I am officially trained now. Although I don´t think much will change with Elder Armenta, and I; we both are really that experienced so yeah...

Anyways this week was both good, and a little bad. Bad because none of our investigators came to church. It has been frustrating with that, but as they say here in Brazil, tudo bem!

We watched the three District 2 videos as part of my last week of training, and I learned so much more from them this time, than before the mission. I guess that is what experience does to you. I really understood the possitions the missionaries were in, and how important it was to them. It really gave me strength to keep going with all the problems that I am having here. I think that study time is so much more important to me now. It is a time for me to relax, and just focus on learning, and understanding. I don´t think ``oh I am a missionary.`` Now it is just the feeling of unbelief that I am actually representing Jesus Christ. I don´t know if that will ever go away. 

So about Portuguese. I am not really worrying about it right now, because most of the time I can understand what people are saying, and if I don´t know a word I just say it to Elder Armenta, and he tells me it in Portuguese. I do need to get better, at reading the b=Book of Mormon more often, but it is a lot easier to understand right now. I think my biggest problem right now is deciding if I want to speak with or without the Curitiaban accent. It is basically deciding if at the ends of words I want DE (denis) to be normal (curitiba) or sound like a j sound (jees) (normal), and if I want TE (tenis) to be normal (curitiba) or like a ch sound (cheese) (normal).

We got a lot of new investigators this week. It was our only good key indicator out of the four. I am trying to stay excited about the work, and I just continue teaching people. I really want to help people, and the gospel is the best way to do that. 

We did have a cool family home evening this week where I taught some people how to make cookies, and we played a game. It was fun, and I will attach some photos of that. We are trying to make sure that this family is active. 

Also I bought a new tie, and sweater this week along with a jacket that I can wear to be protected from the rain when it doesn´t rain a lot. 

Also there is a picture of Myllena, my second baptism, and her grandpa.

Thank you all for the support, and I hope that you are all doing well.

Elder Pettingill

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